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For more than 30 years, eServGlobal has been
a source of innovation for telcos and financial
institutions worldwide.

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RT @GSMA:GDP contribution by the #mobile industry to increase to more than $4.2tn by 2020. Full #MobileEconomy 2017 report… 
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RT @UNCDFMM4P:#Digital money today or cash tomorrow? Coffee farmers in Uganda can now get paid instantaneously on their mobile… 
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On the blog: Cryptocurrencies have seen substantial growth, spurred by new entrants in recent times. Where to next: 
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RT @gsmammu:New global #mobilemoney data-set published as a comprehensive data source for the industry. Download:… 
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RT @GSMAi:New GSMA study highlights West Africa's rapidly growing #MobileEconomy 

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